Earn Money Online - Auto Method

What you must have:

tampermonkey plugin available for Chrome and Firefox
Earnably account: Sign up
US IP (Warning: Never login to your Earnably account using a VPN/VPS. You will get banned.)

So if you need to use a US VPN, you need to LOG OUT of your Earnably account first. Or else, poof! Your account will be locked. And you will never be able to create another one again. But you can beg their Support. (Basically you MUST use your ORIGINAL IP inside Earnably)

Step 1: Login to your Earnably. (DON'T USE VPN/VPS as mentioned)
Step 2: Go to http://earnably.com/settings/ and click Account Details. Look for your User ID in the first box and copy that down. (Something like: 75069)

Step 3: Now you are ready for the rape. You need US IP for this step, so be sure to LOG OUT of earnably.

After installing Tampermonkey, add a new script (self-explanatory).

Here is the script: Please contact us to get the script or post your email id in comment.

Activate your US IP from this point onwards if you need to. To get best VPN in the world - buy it from this link VPN.

After Connect VPN;

Go to http://live.hyprmx.com/embedded_videos/player?uid=75062&site=Earnably&distributorid=8788889&rewards[][max_quantity]=1&rewards[][reward_id]=0&rewards[][title]=Points&rewards[][value_in_dollars]=0.005

Replace the the value of uid=75062 with your user ID found in Step 2.

(The hyperlink is truncated, be sure to copy the entire text link.)
You might need to allow pop-ups if your browser prompts you.

Step 4: Open a few tabs of the link above, and relax and wait for earnings to come in.

You get 1 point on average for every 5 minutes spent on the link, so open 5 tabs you get average 1 per minute. 225 points for $2 Bitcoin withdrawal.


If you want to check your balance, you have to pause your earning link and turn off your VPN if you are using, then log in to Earnably.

Again, Earnably is quite strict about IPs, so you cannot even check your balance with your mobile phone (another IP).

Sometimes you might see "Offer not available" on the hyprmx link, that's because it has run out of videos or you have not set up a US IP.

If it has run out of vids simply wait till the next day for more vids.

You may cash out as PP, BTC, AGC.

Sign up: http://earnably.com/

Happy Earning!


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