GIS Developer Opportunity @Washington, DC 20005

Position Summary:

Title: GIS Developer
Location: Washington, DC 20005
Duration: 12+ Months

Overall purpose of position:
Serves as technical team leader in the development of GIS solutions and other reports and analysis across all divisions of the organization. Perform professional level work in GIS database and system management and analysis. Analyze, diagnose, and troubleshoot GIS database application problems. Provides day-to-day management of overall reporting environment.

Essential duties:
·         Serve as technical team lead in the development of GIS System, providing mentoring, guidance and troubleshooting to analysis team members in solving complex reporting and analytical problems
·         Build and implement web mapping applications using technologies such as: Boundless Suite, CARTO, MapBox, Google Maps API, Leaflet, etc.
·         Utilize Open Geo suite of software applications with relational databases including PostGres and Vertica.
·         Install/configure various components of OpenGeo stack of products – GeoServer, OpenLayers, PostGIS, QGIS
·         Complete documentation of datasets and processes.
·         Ability to overlay maps with different layers
·         Coordination of some short- and long-term enterprise GIS projects
·         Provide geospatial support to internal and external teams with data development, data scrubbing and analysis, on-line and hardcopy map creation, setup of ETL processes, training, and setup of field data collection apps.
·         Create and maintain web map applications published, analyze and prepare statistics on spatial and non-spatial data within relational databases.
·         Prepare and execute workflows and geoprocessing models using Python.
·         Prepare and execute queries in spatial and non-spatial databases using SQL.
·         Develop and maintain geospatial datasets including those stored in relational databases.
·         Conduct end user training on GIS system

Technical experience:
·         Knowledge of Relational Databases
·         Requirements Gathering
·         SQL Programming
·         Java/J2EE
·         Geo Server
·         Carto
·         MapBox
·         Leaflet
·         Google Map API
·         Open Layers
·         Post GIS
·         QGIS
·         Geo Node
·         CSS/HTML
·         Java scripting
·         Python scripting
·         Pentaho PDI/ Kettle
·         ETL using open data tools
·         Configuring web map services for data dissemination

Desired Experience
·         POST GIS
·         SQL Server
·         Pentaho PDI / Kettle
·         REST API
·         Web Mapping Services /Web Feature Service
·         Boundless Open Geo Suite
·         Vertica
·         Creating visual displays for data analysis and presentation
·         Prefer experience with State, Federal & local government agencies.

·         Expertise working with Census, ACS data sets.


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