Android Developer with Java Script Exp _NEED LOCAL

Job Title: Android Developer with Java Script Exp
Location: South San Francisco, California (Need Local)
Duration: Contract
Rate: $40/hr on C2C

                                Need clear H1B copy, MSA agreement, Candidate pay rate for submission and No H1 transfers

Job Description: Local Bay Area resource w/ 6+ years of experience in: Java development, developing native Android apps, Javascript frameworks (AngularJS, Backbone.js, node.js, React, JS, YUI, EXT, etc), HTML5, CSS3, Restful APIs, Linux, GIT, Test-Driven Dev, object-oriented JavaScript, building large JavaScript apps w/ a focus on site speed, Ajax calls, lazy/asynchronous loading of JavaScript, latest design & dev trends for different device types (tablets), JavaScript evolution, responsive design, developing in web app frameworks, HTML, DOM, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, cross-browser compatibility issues & client-side performance optimization, creating quick prototypes from ideas/mockups from wire frames, writing JavaScript apps/plug-ins/widgets w/o using frameworks, JavaScript libraries, core of browsers, rendering HTML, Agile/Waterfall, and server-side language.
Candidate must have released at least one app into the Google Play Store personally or with a company.

Android Application Development (P4 - Expert)
1 - Android Platform (P2 - Proficient) | 2 - AngularJS (P2 - Proficient) | 3 - Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) (P2 - Proficient) | 4 - Java Enterprise Edition (P2 - Proficient) | 5 - reactjs (P2 - Proficient)
Primary Skill: JavaScript, Android Application Development

Need your Skill Matrix:
·         IT Experience:
·         US Experience:
·         Android Application Development:
·         Android Platform :
·         AngularJS:
·         Java API for RESTful Web Services:
·         Java Enterprise Edition:
·         Reactjs :

·         JavaScript:


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