Big data Engineer with Cassandra Exp

Job Title: Big data with Cassandra Exp
Location: San Jose, California
Duration: Contract
                                      Visa Copy Mandatory during submission
Job Description :
End-to-end Big Data Advisor leveraging over 20+ years of experience implementing large, complex high data volume Big Data Platforms.
Advise Data Engineers, Data Architects, Data Quality Engineers and Systems Administrators on platform architecture.
Identify risk areas in the proposed architecture and proactively identify solutions and plans to address risks.
Troubleshoot problems during the course of the project to resolve technical issues such as data bottlenecks.
Provide recommendations during technology selection and provide information on the advantages and disadvantages to each technology as it relates to the overall architecture.
Review code and provide feedback to engineers on improving code quality and efficiency. Provide overall technology guidance to the entire team. Job Location: San Jose 95113

Primary Skill: Cassandra

Need your Skill Matrix:
IT Experience:
US Experience:

Big Data Platforms:


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