AWS Solution Architect with Devops @Disney

Hope you are doing good..!!Below is our direct client requirement. Let me know your Interest.

Job Title: AWS Solution Architect with Devops
Location: Orlando, Florida
Duration: 11 months

 Visa Copy Mandatory during submission
Job Description:
Primary Skill
·         Enterprise Systems Monitoring Tools
·         DevOps
·         Amazon Web Services (AWS)
·         Apache Tomcat
·         Enterprise Content Management

System Engineering Middleware Operations role with Basic knowledge of existing modern web application (Angular/Node etc), knowledge of tomcat and tcserver and Enterprise monitoring solutions including Sensu, AppDynamics, Splunk, Sitescope.
Work with an Agile mindset to create value across projects of multiple scopes and scale.
Basic Devops principles and tools knowledge including Chef, Github, Jenkins, Rundeck.
Good to have AWS Experience

Need your Skill Matrix:
·         IT Experience:
·         US Experience:
·         DevOps:                                                                            
·         Amazon Web Services (AWS):                                        
·         Apache Tomcat:                                                                
·         Enterprise Content Management:                                    
·         existing modern web application:
·         Sensu:                                                                                
·         Appdynamics:                                                                     
·         Splunk:                                                                                
·         Sitescope:                                                                            
·         Chef:                                                                                  
·         Github:                                                                                 
·         Jenkins:                                                                                
·         Rundeck:                                                                            
·         Jenkins:            

Kindly provide the following details for quick process:
·         Full Legal Name(As per the Passport):
·         Contact:
·         Alternate Contact (Must):
·         E- Mail ID:
·         Current Location (City & State):
·         Re-Location:
·         Birthdate:
·         Visa Status:
·         Expiry Year:
·         Skype ID:
·         Availability:
·         Are you Still in a Project (Y/N):
·         SSN # (Last 4-digits):
·         Best Hourly Rate:
·         Communication Skills:
·         Interview Mode (Phone/Skype/F2F):
·         Any Offer/Interviews ? :

·         Two Professional References (Recent Project)


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