Android Developer

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Job Title: Android Developer
LocationNorthbrook, Illinois
Duration: Contract
Rate:$44/hr on c2c

 Visa Copy Mandatory during submission
Job Description:Android Developer Chicago development

P3 - Android Application Development
P3 - Mobile Architecture
P3 - Mobile Development

Android software developers are in charge of creating effective mobile applications for their organization on the Android platform. They create software designed to meet company objectives and provide excellent customer satisfaction. Android software developers frequently collaborate with creative staff to integrate graphics and functionality into the applications. They evaluate frameworks to decide which will produce the best results using less resources. As part of their main responsibilities, they optimize application memory footprint and consumption to increase performance. They also create highly scalable software systems for increased efficiency.
One of these software developers' main duties is to troubleshoot and debug web applications. They integrate different technologies to create a more robust end product; this means they must have vast experience with versioning and repository management. They create documentation for other developers, and share information as needed. Android software developers review code requirements and goals throughout the developing cycle to avoid issues during shipping.

Android software developers typically work in an office setting during regular business hours. Their main tools consist of a personal computer with different software packages, as well as mobile environments to test code and find technical issues. A proficient knowledge of the Java computer language is required, as well as knowledge of other existing programming languages and touch-input methods. A bachelor's degree in software development is needed for this position. Proven experience in mobile programming is preferred.

Android Software Developer Tasks
• Test and document software for client applications.
• Write, modify, and debug software for client applications.
• Write code to create single-threaded or user interface event driven applications, either stand-alone and those which access servers or services.
• Use source debuggers and visual development environments.


Need your Skill Matrix:
·         IT Experience:
·         US Experience:
·        Android Application Development:
·        Mobile Architecture:
·        Mobile Development:

Kindly provide the following details for quick process:
·         Full Legal Name(As per the Passport):
·         Contact:
·         Alternate Contact (Must):
·         E- Mail ID:
·         Current Location (City & State):
·         Re-Location:
·         Birthdate:
·         Visa Status:
·         Expiry Year:
·         Skype ID:
·         Availability:
·         Are you Still in a Project (Y/N):
·         SSN # (Last 4-digits):
·         Best Hourly Rate:
·         Communication Skills:
·         Interview Mode (Phone/Skype/F2F):
·         Any Offer/Interviews ? :

·         Two Professional References (Recent Project)


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