DevOps Engineer with Microsoft BI

Job Title: DevOps Engineer
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Duration: Contract

                                Visa Copy Mandatory during submission
Job Description: Responsible for leading design and creating a highly efficient, metrics-driven, DevOps working model

Responsibilities: Design of process for continuous integration including unit testing and code scanning
Monitors automated build functions
Assists with build automation scripts
Assists with scripts to store successful builds and tags for promotion
Creates/updates build manifest script(s) as needed
Identify and communicate any cross-area or cross-release issues that affect other project areas
Overall tech lead for pilot
Installation and configuration of tools

Skills and Qualifications:
Advanced skills with Microsoft VSTS, Visual Studio and Release Manager
SonarQube and Code Quality Scanning tools.
Working knowledge of other version control systems (Git)
Demonstrated understanding of SCM Best Practices
PowerShell scripting experience
Strong collaboration skills
End-to-end knowledge of the development process
DevOps Engineer
Please do not submit international candidate as we will need background check to clear within 7-10 business days. Right by Downtown Marriott in Chicago

Primary Skill: Microsoft BI


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