Online Money. Tricks to get it!

Expecting get huge money in a day thru this guide? Leave it. I am very sorry.

I am sharing my experience here, and if you follow step-by-step, you must have passions about 90-120 days, meanwhile you'll have to do some related work which will help you to get money online after 90-120 days.

1. First Create a gMail id.
2. Please remember - Never use your personal or official id for online work.
3. Now Create Profile/ID on some Authority Sites or Web 2.0 domains*.
4. If you are not aware with Authority Site or Web 2.0 domains, please read separate article on these topics.
5. At least on 5 site you have to create profile/ID.
6. Daily visit to those site, and read some topics/articles, also post comments or review.

Do such things at least for 30-60 days.

After 60 days, contact me at, I will give you some article to post on those site daily. I will pay 2$ per post.


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